Health Policy and Systems Research Courses and Trainings

Global Health

Universidad de los Andes

Understanding health problems affecting the world's population and its effects, ways to measure and different coping strategies. Specific objectives: Analyze global information on burden of disease and death worldwide. Understand the current status, trends and major challenges in global health issues such as environment, epidemics, immigration, demography, etc. Know and design projects to address the major challenges of global health.

Global Health Policy

Johns Hopkins University

1. Students will learn the history, theory and practice of global health policy from perspectives of public health, economics, and international relations.

Global Health Policy Development and Advocacy

University of Washington

1. Analyze health policy issues using a framework that integrates empirical evidence and values (global, national, and local); 2. Identify and use appropriate tools to advocate for policy changes; 3. Identify key stakeholders (international, national, and local) in policy issues and describe their respective roles in whether and how those issues are resolved; 4. Describe current trends in health system reform globally and the challenges and opportunities those trends present; 5. Describe...

Global Health Research Project

University of Aberdeen

With supervision from active academics, students develop research ideas into rigorous designs and conduct data collection, analysis and interpretation according to accepted codes of practice and professional conduct. Students also critically evaluate their work plans and outputs in a thesis submission and poster presentation. Students are allocated supervisors who assist the management of projects where appropriate fieldwork sites.

Global Public Health Module


1. Locate, use and correctly cite global, regional or national health information from different data sources and international databases. 2. Understand the basic principles of estimating the global burden of disease, and critically assess the validity and reliability of burden of disease and risk factor estimates. 3. Be aware of important developments in global public health, and have an in-depth understanding of the major causes and determinants of disease. 4. Acquire fundamental knowle...

Health and Development

Institute of Development Studies

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the emergence and critical issues in current health policy debates 2. Discuss and critically evaluate key sources of evidence and data on and for health policy 3. Produce an original and systematic analysis of a relevant health policy issue 4. Effectively use professional skills to evaluate conflicting arguments and write for academic and policy audiences

Health Care Financing: Concepts, Challenges and Practices

Ahmadu Bello University

1. Analyse the advantages and weaknesses of health financing mechanisms; 2. Critically analyse the roles of the public and private sector; 3. Compare and analyse the basic features of health financing mechanisms in L/M/H-income countries; 4. Design a scheme of health financing for local systems.

Health Communication

Azim Premji University

1. An enabling curriculum for students to learn both at individual and group levels about the varying dimensions of health education efforts and needs that exist in specific contexts; 2. Commence capacity-building of skills for conceptualization, strategic planning and execution of innovative and pragmatic health promotional ideas that individuals require for a career in this discipline; 3. Create a spirit of enquiry in related realms of health communication theory, lessons from other con...

Health Economics and Financing


The specific objectives of the course are to enable participants to: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main functions of health systems, trends in health policy reforms and key challenges facing health systems of low and middle income countries today; Apply their knowledge and skills to formulate and evaluate health policies and their implications in terms of efficiency and equity; andShow written and verbal competence in consolidating and critically appraising debates relevant to issues of health policy, health financing, and equity;Understand and demonstrate knowledge of UNIC...

Health Economics and Financing in Low- and Middle- Income Countries

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine






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