Health Economics and Financing in Low- and Middle- Income Countries

Category: Methods for HPSR,Global Health,Health Financing,Systems Thinking,Universal Health Coverage,
Institution:London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Country: ENGLAND
Region: Global / All regions
Language: English
Audience: Educators,Health Organization Managers ,Masters Students,NGO Staff,


Overall goals of the course

The course aims to share knowledge and policy experience on how health systems can improve equity in the financing and delivery of health care services for mother, newborn and children by exposing the participants to key theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field of health financing and equity. The material was originally delivered as a short course created for UNICEF and delivered to UNICEF staff between 2006 and 2016. The material is broken down into teaching modules and topic-focused interactive activities. Activities are presented in a variety of different ways ('challenge yourself' exercises, 'reflection' questions, 'check your learning' quizzes) and may be vehicles for delivering content, discussion opportunities, or informal assessment tasks. The material available does not represent a full course experience, and is intended for free, open re-use by educators.

Teaching formats

The online version of this course can be accessed at:

Course materials:

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