MSc Healthcare Management

Category: Management in HPSR,Global Health,Systems Thinking,Implementation Research,Universal Health Coverage,
Institution:Anglia Ruskin University
Country: ENGLAND
Region: Global / All regions
Language: English
Audience: Health Organization Managers ,NGO Staff,Physicians,Policy Makers,Health Organization Managers,


Overall goals of the course

The MSc Healthcare Management aims to meet the personal and professional requirements of managers and leaders within the health and social care sector. The pathway focuses on management and leadership in relation to the health and social care environment with a strong emphasis on:- Organisational Transformation,- Advancing Professional Decision Making,- Global Leadership,- Research Studies (introduction to research) and- Major Project (i.e. dissertation).

Learning objectives

On successful completion of the course a student will be expected to be able to:- Apply a wide range of advanced theoretical Health & Social Care Management and Leadership concepts to complex practical issues;- Evaluate the dynamic environmental forces which impact on Health & Social Care Management and Leadership within a global context;- Critically appraise and debate competing research methodologies, ontologies and epistemologies demonstrating an ability to apply these to the context of advancing health and social care management and leadership practice- Integrate a wide range of complex Health & Social Care Management and Leadership issues and theoretical concepts within a coherent framework.- Demonstrate the ability to initiate change, demonstrating strong leadership and facilitation skills that support and develop inter-professional, multidisciplinary and inter-agency working in health and social care;- Critically reflect on and apply research strategies to challenge, lead and synthesise the development of knowledge and evidence based practice within health and social care management and leadership.

Major topics covered

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Teaching formats

The Course offers a wide range of teaching formats where discussions, group work, peer review, meetings with Tutor(s), and access to a significant database of literature. Each student will be allocated a personal tutor to help them overcoming challenges and barriers they might face not just in their studies but also in their personal and professional life. Students also have the ability to meet with their academic tutors via different means such as Skype, phone calls, video conference and face to face (depends on their location). For further information about the Course, please contact Dr Nebil Achour ( or +441223695262).

Course materials:

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