mHealth, Health Systems and Development

Category: Global Health,
Institution:Institute of Development Studies
Country: UK
Region: Global / All regions
Audience: English,Masters Students,NGO Staff, Practicing Researchers,Undergraduate Students,Health Organization Managers,Doctoral Students,Practicing Researchers,


Overall goals of the course

This course examines mHealth in relation to health systems and development; asking questions about how mHealth fits into the often-inadequate and poor-resourced health systems in low and middle income countries, about regulation, politics and policy, knowledge and gender relations and about how people in poverty experience ill health. It also examines other mobile phone innovations which benefit the poor, and asks what lessons are to be learnt.

Learning objectives

By the end of the module a successful student should be able to: 1) Develop a sophisticated awareness of the current use of mHealth in low and middle income countries, in conjunction with broader regulatory, governance, equity, and implementation considerations. 2) Critically analyse and debate the opportunities and challenges associated with mHealth as a means of addressing health and development issues (including making reference to concepts such as gender, knowledge, power, behaviour change, health systems, pathways of change).

Teaching formats

A set of five lectures on mhealth.
Course materials:

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