Introduction to Global Health

Category: Global Health,
Institution:University of Aberdeen
Region: Europe
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Overall goals of the course

We live in an increasingly globalised world where information is shared more widely than ever before. To what extent can we trust the available data? How can we determine their integrity, plausibility and validity, particularly when decisions need to be made on available evidence? This course provides students with knowledge and understanding of global health and the skills to critically appraise the debates. With sessions from leading professionals and practitioners, students learn about established and emerging topics in global health, how these intersect with broader social, economic and political factors, and how research can make credible contributions in this context.

Learning objectives

Students whose applications have been successful work with host organisations either based at the University or within the organisation as appropriate, e.g. 1 day/week. Also provided are three  2 hour workshops, plus regular meetings with workplace and academic supervisor to provide support and guidance.

Teaching formats

Lectures/Seminars/Field Work/Field Trips

Course materials:

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