Global Health

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Institution:University of Aberdeen
Region: Europe
Audience: Masters Students,


Overall goals of the course

This course provides students with skills for career development and an introduction to the field of global health. Career development topics include strategic planning, skills analysis, self-awareness, goal setting and professionalism in the workplace. For global health, we hold a series of ‘film club’ seminars using online, digital and social media to study content from leading global health advocates, practitioners and scholars. Discussion themes are developed in class debate and group work. At the end of the course, students who take the second stage elective PU5521: Work Based Placements also apply for advertised placement opportunities.

Learning objectives

The overall aim is to encourage students to consider health issues in multidimensional, global terms. At the end of the course, students should be able to:

• Describe what global health is and how it is defined.

• Describe and critically reflect on the historical context of global health and development.

• Describe and critically reflect on the Millennium Development Goals.

• Describe and critically reflect on the post-2015 landscape as it is relevant to global health.

• Understand established and emerging global health priorities and public health responses.

• Demonstrate an appreciation of a holistic view of health and illness in resource-poor settings and/or among disadvantaged and vulnerable groups

Topics include poverty and hunger, gender and health, sexual and reproductive health, infectious and non-communicable diseases, disability and mental health, and health care for unstable populations, humanitarian crises and in conflict settings. Students will also be introduced to the broader health and development landscape and contemporary debates situating global health relative to the post-2015 development discourse, the social determinants of health paradigm, the environment and climate change, and human rights and social justice.

Teaching formats

Lectures/ Seminars/Field Work/Field Trips

Course materials:

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