Category: Ethics,Management in HPSR,
Institution:Mcgill University
Country: Canada
Region: Americas
Language: English
Audience: Health Organization Managers ,


Learning objectives

1. Compare the basic elements of the health system and health reforms in countries around the world, using the Harvard Flagship framework of analysis. 2. Apply the framework to a specific country of your choice and develop proposals for health reform initiatives in that country. 3. Justify your proposed reforms in technical, ethical and political terms in well written papers and strong oral presentations.

Major topics covered

The course presents a purposeful framework for the analysis of why health systems are not able to achieve a set of ultimate and intermediate objectives and for developing appropriate options to reform the systems to address the causes of problems that prevent the achievement of these objectives. The course has been redesigned from previous years to involve more case studies and class discussion, with the expectation that all students carefully read the assignments and come to class prepared to discuss the study questions.

Teaching formats

Small group projects, case studies, independent reading, research projects.

Course materials:

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