Health Economics and Healthcare Financing

Category: Health Financing,
Institution:The Chinese University of Hong Kong, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care
Country: Hong Kong, China
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: Undergraduate Students,


Learning objectives

1. describe and apply essential economic theories and methods relevant to the study of health care system and the improvement of public health 2. understand how healthcare can be financed and resources can be allocated to achieve efficiency and equity 3. conduct basic economic evaluation in practice.

Major topics covered

This course covers health economics application of economic principles to the healthcare system (more in-depth understanding of demand, supply, market forces and government’s role). It also covers healthcare financing and principles and evaluation of different funding mechanism to a healthcare system (tax-funded, social insurance, voluntary health insurance, medical savings account, etc). Finally, the course covers economic evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and other economic evaluation and decision analysis.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, case studies, group projects, independent reading


Course materials:

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