Social Determinants of Health

Category: Community-based Health,Global Health,
Institution:Azim Premji University
Country: India
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

1. Analyse the global and national policy contexts and debates around social determinants of health 2. Develop a critical understanding of different factors and processes that determine health, disease and well-being in comparative contexts and explain health inequities 3. Examine the role of several actors including the state, international agencies, civil society, NGOs and the community in addressing social determinants of health and analyse specific interventions

Major topics covered

Despite increasing policy attention, an in-depth and critical understanding of the intricacies and subtleties of social determinants of health operating in different empirical contexts and modes of intervening in these determinants is missing. Very often these determinants are projected as epidemiological ‘associations’ (caste, class and gender with utilization of health services, for example). This course is specifically aimed to unpack the ‘social’ in social determinants of health to show how health (and ill health) is produced, accessed and experienced at the confluence of several factors and processes. It talks about why a ‘social determinants of health approach’ is needed to address a key developmental challenge of high economic growth with poor health indicators specifically in India. It has three modules i.e. a) understanding the 'social': theoretical and analytical perspectives b) mapping evidence on health inequity in comparative contexts and c) intervening in social determinants of health: policy context and role of actors.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, small group discussions, case studies, group projects, independent reading, practicum projects, research project


Course materials:

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