Short Course in Health Policy and Ethics

Category: Ethics,Policy analysis,
Institution: Public Health Foundation of India/Health Governance Hub
Country: India
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: Practicing Researchers,


Learning objectives

1. Have a firm grasp of the basic principles and terminology of health policy, health systems and public health ethics. 2. Be familiar with common ethical frameworks used in public health, and the concept of health systems ‘software’. 3. Be able to apply principles of ethics to real-¬‬źworld problems of health policy and governance, and in health policy and systems research.

Major topics covered

This course focuses on introducing ethics and philosophy. Introducing health policy and systems in low and middle income countries. Normative ethics–health justice, rights, duties, bioethics principles. Health systems ‘software’. ‘Big questions’ in health policy and ethics. Participant presentations and feedback.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, group projects, other


Course materials:

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