Research Methodologies in Health Services

Category: Methods for HPSR,
Institution:Ahmadu Bello University
Country: Nigeria
Region: Africa
Language: English
Audience: Practicing Researchers,


Learning objectives

1. Familiarises participants with quantitative and qualitative research methods in health services ; 2. Learn how to critically appraise health research findings in literature; 3. Write appropriate applied research proposals, analyse determinants and/or risk factors of health and disease, or to assess the impact of a given intervention; 4. Special emphasis is placed on how to use research findings for better planning and management of health interventions; 5. In addition, ethical issues in health research are discussed.

Major topics covered

This course includes discussion on research philosophy, goals and objectives, survey designs and sampling techniques, quantitative and qualitative Studies, and report-writing.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, group projects, independent reading, research projects

Course materials:

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