Public Health Management

Category: Management in HPSR,
Institution: Institute of Public Health Bangalore
Country: India
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: No one,


Learning objectives

1. Outline various health reforms and disease control programmes in India. 2. Examine the structure and functioning of country level and local (District and Taluka level) health systems and assess their performance. 3. Explain the principles of community participation and identify strategies to improve community participation in health programmes. 4. Compare/contrast various health financing models and use tools to assess degree of coverage of health services in a given community.

Major topics covered

The ePHM course is the first of its kind in India. Mainly designed to cater to the learning needs of professionals who wish to foray into the field of Public health. This course offers 9 modules and a Final project on public health management. The objectives of the course are mainly to impart technical knowledge in health, equip them with prescribed supervisory skills and carve a new career option* in the field of Public health.

Teaching formats

Case studies, online flipped classrooms, research projects

Course materials:

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