Planning for Health

Category: Methods for HPSR,
Institution:Karolinska Institute
Country: Sweden
Region: Europe
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

After completion of the course, students should have Knowledge and understanding - to describe the context, content, process and actors in promoting health for various populations; - to describe major theories and frameworks for planning in health care. Skills and abilities - to analyse different approaches to planning for heatlh; - to independently identify and formulate essential and challenging issues in planning for health. Judgement and approach - to critically make assessments of different ways of planning for health; - to demonstrate insight into the potentials and limitations when planning for health, the role of planning in the society and in organisations, and the significance of people's responsibility for their own health on the planning process.

Major topics covered

To give an overview of determinants of heatlh in different types of societies. To give insight in different aspects of development of health plans, and to identify challenges and opportunities in planning for health.

Teaching formats

A mix of interactive lectures, seminars, group work and individual assignments. Web-based learning and interaction will be used. Major parts of the course will be allocated to individual and group work assignments.


Course materials:

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