MPH in Health Systems Mangement & Policy

Category: Methods for HPSR,Management in HPSR,Policy analysis,
Institution: Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
Country: Belgium
Region: Europe
Language: English
Audience: Practicing Researchers,


Learning objectives

• Assess the performance of local and national health organisations, systems and policies. • Formulate evidence-based and context-specific strategies for health systems strengthening. • Formulate an evidence-based and context-specific health programme. • Master relevant quantitative and qualitative research methods. • Master relevant health system and policy research methods. • Search, select, appraise, summarize and translate evidence. • Clearly communicate orally and in writing to professional and scientific audiences. • Communicate and negotiate with relevant stakeholders. • Effectively work in a team

Major topics covered

The MPH orientation “Health Systems Management and Policy” (MPH-HSMP) prepares health professionals for management and research of health systems including health care delivery, and the design and implementation of health policies at local, national and international level

Teaching formats

The MPH course uses established methods for adult learning that emphasize a participatory approach to learning. Teaching consists of interactive lectures, small group sessions followed by plenary presentations and discussion, as well as coached individual work and seminars related to the assignments. Exchange of experience is essential in the learning process. Participants are invited to review the functioning of an organisation, programme or system they have been working in or collaborating with in case studies. The participants’ thesis work is the result of an analytical process and includes an argued plan to address the health system’s management and policy problems identified.

Course materials:

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