Master in Public Health

Category: Methods for HPSR,Management in HPSR,Policy analysis,
Institution:Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Country: Portugal
Region: Europe
Language: Portuguese
Audience: Undergraduate Students ,


Learning objectives

The Master in Public Health aims at providing scientific knowledge and skills for advanced study and research in the field of Public Health, as well as for the development of practical applications in the areas of expertise of Health Policy; Global Health and Health Promotion and Literacy. Students should therefore develop their ability to solve problems in these areas and in multidisciplinary settings, to integrate knowledge and develop solutions in a context dominated by intense social responsibilities and complex ethical issues. At the end of the program students should also have the ability to continuously and critically evaluate their practice and produce new knowledge through their participation in research studies in the field of public health and in Health Policy, Global Healtht and Health Promotion in particular.

Major topics covered

This course includes topics ranging from Epidemiology, Biostatistic, Essentials of Public Health, Health policy; Health Promotion; Occupational Health; Health Economic; Global/international Health; Health care programs, etc.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, small group discussions, group projects, independent reading, research projects

Course materials:

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