Health Systems Research

Category: Management in HPSR,
Institution:University of Delhi
Country: India
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: Physicians,


Overall goals of the course

This is one of the 19 Compulsory Courses in Management and 9 Optional Courses in Health Sector within the MBA program. The Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi (where I am an Associate Professor) is the host institution for the program. Our Executive MBA (Health Care Administration) program was launched in 1974, which rightfully makes us to believe that we are among the pioneers of Management programs in Health Systems. Details of the program are given in the weblink

Learning objectives

1. Provide theoretical and analytical foundations to research in health systems. 2. Provide insights in to conducting systematic research on health policy, health systems, health services, including organisational and management issues

Major topics covered

Introduction to Health Systems Research; Importance of evidence-based health policy/ system decisions, Identifying, defining and formulating research problems and research questions; Literature Review and Meta Analysis; Identification of variables; Formulation of objectives and hypotheses; Types of Research designs; Research methodology- data collection tools and techniques, sampling design; Data Analysis- tabulation, descriptive and advanced statitical tools; Non-parametric tests; Inferences, discussion and report writing; Writing grant proposals; Dissemination; Research Evidence to Policy.

Teaching formats

Classroon lectures, small group discussions, case studies, problem sets, group projects, independent reading, flipped classrooms, practicum projects

Course materials:

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