Health Systems

Category: Systems Thinking,
Institution:Universidad de los Andes
Country: Colombia
Region: Global / All regions
Language: Spanish
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

1. Understand the general principles governing this system, the structure of the social security system in Colombia 2. Know and compare health systems in the world 3. Analyze the challenges, opportunities and contradictions of the current General Social Security System in Health in Colombia.

Major topics covered

This course aims to provide students of the Masters in public health, appropriate the general conformation of the general social security system in Colombia and its comparison with other systems in the world. In the first part of this course will be an overview of the history and evolution of the Colombian health system; then, the course will deepen the actors structure and current funding sources. Monitor projects to reform the Colombian health system will be given. Finally, health systems of other countries will be analyzed and global trends will arise.

Teaching formats

The course is developed through interactive keynote methodologies, workshops and forums; there are classroom activities aimed to promote independent learning skills and consolidate the proposed tasks. The description of the teaching methods used to develop the course content and achieve the proposed objectives are: Interactive activities: It is expected that after the lecture and individual readings, small group discussion methods will be applied to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the acquired knowledge. Discussion of cases: In some sessions the class will work with a situation or problem case, for the students to question, seek information, analyze and integrate the knowledge needed to solve the problem. In each case the teacher will offer probing questions, supporting texts and general guidance. Central theme: group of 3 students to the topics discussed in class will be defined. These groups must prepare a presentation and a paper on the problems, their causes and consequences for the part. The end is to propose a solution to one problem and analyze its viability.

Course materials:

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