Health System: Organization and Financing

Category: Management in HPSR,Health Financing,
Institution:Azim Premji University
Country: India
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English


Learning objectives

1. Understand the relationship between policies and programs. 2. Articulate the role of health systems in determining and achieving health goals. 3. Explain the philosophical approaches to analyzing health systems. 4. Justify the need for economic evaluation and priority setting of health programs. 5. Explain a basic understanding of an economic approach to health and equity. 6. List the basic tools used in economic analysis of health outcomes and relate with health systems. 7. Describe the components of health systems, and understanding their complex inter-relationships.

Major topics covered

The course covers the topic below: Policy levers, health outcomes and the ultimate goal of health systems Philosophical approaches to health systems analysis Some basic concepts in economic analysis Health Equity and Role of Government Health Systems Frameworks Structure of the Health System Components of a Health System: The Building Blocks Why is financing important? Basic rationale for an economic analysis Pharmaceutical Industry and market Comparative Health Systems Analysis Health System Reforms: Indian Experience

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, small group discussions, case studies, practicum projects


Course materials:

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