Health Policy Research and Analysis

Category: Policy analysis,
Institution:University of Ghana
Country: Ghana
Region: Africa
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

1. Have a basic understanding and be able to describe what the field of Health and Systems Research comprises and the place of Health Policy Reseach and Analysis within the field; and be able to effectively communicate this understanding to others not familiar with this area of work. 2. Appreciate the multi-disciplinary but essentially Social Science nature of Health Policy Research and Analysis 3. Be familiar with and able to critically assess the use of research designs appropriate in Health Policy research such as the case study approach, realist and quasi experimental approaches to evaluation 4. Have a basic understanding of different theories of knowledge (epistemology) that can depending on the question being asked, be applied in health policy research and analysis. 5. Be able to critically analyze a Health Policy Research and Analysis report or publication and comment on the appropriateness of the question, methodology used to answer the question and the conclusions and recommendations 6. Be able to identify a question or issue in their country /health sector for which it is appropriate to conduct a health policy research and analysis; and design and justify /defend an appropriate analytical approach.

Major topics covered

The aim of this course is to give course participants an introductory understanding and ability to read and critically assess the results of health policy research and analysis within the context of the field of Health Policy and Systems Research of which it is a part. The course focuses on providing an understanding of the field and methodological issues in conceptualizing, designing, conducting and also reading and interpreting health policy research and analysis. The course is intended for Masters and Doctoral students who are interested in conducting or reading, interpreting and using Health Policy Research and Analysis. At the end of the course, participants should be able to explain what the field of HPSR is, the place of health policy research in the field and critically analyze a Health Policy Analysis report or publication the methods used and conclusions; and also to identify questions suitable for policy analysis in their health sector and design a simple policy research and analysis proposal to provide some answers to the questions. The course is equivalent to two University of Ghana credit hours. It encompasses 26 hours of classroom contact time with instructors plus an estimated 36 - 40 hours of personal reading, individual and group exercises.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, case studies, problem sets, independent reading, research projects


Course materials:

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