Health Policy and Policy Analysis

Category: Policy analysis,
Institution:University of the Western Cape
Country: Tanzania
Region: Africa
Language: English
Audience: Practicing Researchers,


Learning objectives

1. Demonstrate understanding of the varied and iterative nature of policy change processes. 2. Recognise that implementation is part of the overall policy change process. 3. Identify key components and factors facilitating and constraining policy and implementation processes. 4. Conduct comprehensive analyses of policy and implementation processes. 5. Apply theoretical frameworks and approaches in understanding policy and implementation processes and use specific policy analysis tools; 6. Use policy analysis for strategic planning. 7. Work in teams to achieve specific goals.

Major topics covered

The overall aim of this course is to increase students' knowledge about processes of policy development and implementation; to equip them with a frame that can be used to analyse and understand policy processes; and to support them to think about taking action in / managing policy processes.

Teaching formats

Facilitator input, small group discussions, case studies, group projects, independent reading, open access materials.

Course materials:

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