Health Policy and Management

Category: Management in HPSR,Policy analysis,
Institution:The Chinese University of Hong Kong, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care
Country: Hong Kong, China
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: Physicians,


Learning objectives

1. Acquire an understanding of the basic principles of healthcare system, policy, financing, and health economics. 2. Become familiar with the basic management theories and concepts that underlie the operations of healthcare organizations. 3. Structure and process outcomes of health services. 4. Apply systems thinking to resolve organizational issues.

Major topics covered

This course covers healthcare systems, beginning with a general introduction to health systems and overview of the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care in comparative healthcare systems with discussion of governance and health care policy. An overview of health care services and facilities comprising a health system and the structure, process and outcomes comprising health systems follows. Ethical basis of healthcare that underpin the structure of health systems. The course also addresses health economics & financing including an introduction to health economics, and key economic concepts applicable to health and healthcare. An introduction to basic economic evaluation methods, and healthcare financing mechanisms is provided. Thurdly, the course covers healthcare organization management including basic principles of healthcare organizations, organizational structure and organizational theories related to management. Finally, the course touches on health policy context and overview of health policy, determinants of health, health policy response to ill-health, public health challenges and reforms, in both national (both Hong Kong and China) and international perspectives. Evidence based health policy making, policy analysis and health programme implementation and scale-up will be discussed

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, case studies, problem sets, group projects, independent readings, research projects

Course materials:

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