Health Communication

Category: Communications,
Institution:Azim Premji University
Country: India
Region: Southeast Asia
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

1. An enabling curriculum for students to learn both at individual and group levels about the varying dimensions of health education efforts and needs that exist in specific contexts; 2. Commence capacity-building of skills for conceptualization, strategic planning and execution of innovative and pragmatic health promotional ideas that individuals require for a career in this discipline; 3. Create a spirit of enquiry in related realms of health communication theory, lessons from other contexts and developing sensitivities when planning and creating behavior change communication.

Major topics covered

Communicating about health in an acceptable and holistic manner continues to remain a discipline in progress. Successful health communication efforts through the world have typically been an equitable and systematic balance of evolving theory, participatory population ventures, cultural sensitivity, comprehensive planning of media management, collaborative partnerships between stakeholders and adapting to changing social norms. The course will be designed to give a clear overview of these complex inter-linkages and their distinct roles in education and communicating better health for populations. This course is designed within the Health and Nutrition specialization which is offered as a part of the MA Development Program at the Azim Premji University. The specialization is designed to explore multiple dimensions of health among vulnerable communities through paradigms that can support a better understanding of them in the development sector. Towards this larger goal the Health Education and Communication course will create an interactive platform for students to consider aspects such as social bias and barriers in health decision-making promotion; relationships among media and community gatekeepers; limitations of top-down approaches in interventions to change behavior and; impact and social responsibility of media and messages in health promotion.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, small group discussions, case studies, problem sets, group projects, independent reading, simulations, research projects

Course materials:

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