Health and Development

Category: Global Health,
Institution:Institute of Development Studies
Country: UK
Region: Europe
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the emergence and critical issues in current health policy debates 2. Discuss and critically evaluate key sources of evidence and data on and for health policy 3. Produce an original and systematic analysis of a relevant health policy issue 4. Effectively use professional skills to evaluate conflicting arguments and write for academic and policy audiences

Major topics covered

This course examines a selection of some of the major issues facing health and development the 21st century. It explores how changes in demography, the burden of disease and the relative roles of markets, states and civil society have affected health systems and responses. The lectures will seek to place the topics in historical context and finally to identify the new approaches that are emerging to translate investments in facilities, personnel, drugs and other consumable goods into effective services that meet the needs of the poor. Constraints of time will clearly not make it possible to provide a thorough treatment of all health and development theories and approaches. However, it will give you ample opportunity to grasp what is meant by health in development and in relation to social change and global policy. Major topics covered: Introduction to Health and Development Session 1: Primary Health care for the 21st Century Session 2: ICTs: opportunities and challenges Session 3: The challenge of chronic lifelong illness Session 4: Vaccines Session 5: Environmental health: an overview Session 6: Health and climate change Session 7: Zoonoses Session 8: A brief history of approaches to framing and responding to HIV and AIDS Session 9: Undernutrition Session 10: Overnutrition Session 11:Preparing policy briefs Session 12: Choice of research methods

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, small group discussions, group projects, independent researchers, flipped classrooms

Course materials:

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