Global Public Health Module

Category: Global Health,
Country: Germany
Region: Europe
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,Doctoral Students,


Learning objectives

1. Locate, use and correctly cite global, regional or national health information from different data sources and international databases. 2. Understand the basic principles of estimating the global burden of disease, and critically assess the validity and reliability of burden of disease and risk factor estimates. 3. Be aware of important developments in global public health, and have an in-depth understanding of the major causes and determinants of disease. 4. Acquire fundamental knowledge of specific global health topics and understand the impact of these problems on the situation in regions and countries, as well as review and judge the effectiveness of available technical and policy solutions. 5. Understand developments in global health policy in recent decades, and be aware of the variety of global public health approaches and their relevance to different diseases and risk factors. 6. Appreciate the specific health system challenges of developing countries, and critically debate possible solutions. 7. Be familiar with traditional and emerging environmental health concerns, and the inter-sectoral nature of policies and programmes to address the environmental determinants of disease. 8. Understand the social values and instruments of European health policy, and the dimensions of foreign health policy. 9. Acquire insights into emergency assistance and development aid in practice.

Major topics covered

Epidemiological principles including measuring health internationally, the epidemiological transition, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. Health Systems principles including health system challenges and approaches to global health. Health Policies and Programmes including development aid, global maternal health, environment and health policy. The overarching concept is using evidence for policy making/evidence-based public health.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, problem sets, group projects, independent reading, other

Course materials:

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