Global Health Policy

Category: Policy analysis,Global Health,
Institution:Johns Hopkins University
Country: United States
Region: Americas
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,Doctoral Students,


Learning objectives

1. Students will learn the history, theory and practice of global health policy from perspectives of public health, economics, and international relations.

Major topics covered

This course gives students an in-depth, interdisciplinary examination of contemporary global health policy (GHP) issues and actors. The field of global health has been radically transformed over the last several decades through an unprecedented increase in international aid for health programs in developing countries, along with a general rise in interest in global health issues coming from governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, and the private sector. The changes have had tremendous impact on wellbeing, brought new visibility and new legitimacy to the study and practice of global health, but have also highlighted and sometimes exacerbated issues of policy and practice. Through lectures, readings and class discussion students will be exposed to the history, theory and practice of GHP from the perspectives of public health, economics, and international relations. Students will deepen their understanding through researching case studies and engaging in debates on present-day topics and controversies in GHP. Topics covered in the class include: the governance of global health through national, multilateral and private institutions, legal and operational frameworks for prevention and control of global health crises such as influenza pandemics or bioterrorism, the international response to HIV/AIDS, the history and practice of global health diplomacy and negotiation of global health treaties, the politics of international family planning and reproductive health programs, international trade agreements and health, the role of the World Trade Organization’s trade-related aspects of intellectual property agreement (TRIPS) on access to medicines, and the political economy of eradicating polio and other infectious diseases.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, case studies, independent reading, research projects

Course materials:

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