Global Health

Category: Global Health,
Institution:Universidad de los Andes
Country: Colombia
Region: Americas
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

Understanding health problems affecting the world's population and its effects, ways to measure and different coping strategies. Specific objectives: Analyze global information on burden of disease and death worldwide. Understand the current status, trends and major challenges in global health issues such as environment, epidemics, immigration, demography, etc. Know and design projects to address the major challenges of global health.

Major topics covered

The course is based on the recommendations of PAHO/WHO and seeks to recognize the complexity of the processes of social determinants of health and their influence on the generation of inequities. In turn, it seeks to analyze their results in population health from the perspective of rights, equity, social justice and social determinants of health. The concept of global village is increasingly real. There are many health problems that affect everyone. The separation between diseases rich and poor countries is increasingly blurred. Malnutrition-malnutrition and obesity-is present in all countries; chronic diseases-hypertension, diabetes ...- are global problems. Armed conflict, forced displacement or migration also involve Europe, the United States and around the world.

Teaching formats

The course seeks active participation of students in their learning process, encourages a critical analysis of knowledge and the generation of this. Interactive classes are combined with reinforcement through forums and videoconferencing.

Course materials:

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