Health Policy and Systems Research Courses and Trainings

MPH in Health Systems Mangement & Policy

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

• Assess the performance of local and national health organisations, systems and policies. • Formulate evidence-based and context-specific strategies for health systems strengthening. • Formulate an evidence-based and context-specific health programme. • Master relevant quantitative and qualitative research methods. • Master relevant health system and policy research methods. • Sear...

MSc/PgDip Global Health and Management

University of Aberdeen

You will learn about health and social research methods, global health and global citizenship, health systems and policy, and management studies. You will have opportunities to work in professional environments in the health and development sector in the UK and overseas, applying taught content in real world settings and conducting projects of practical significance. With supervision from world-class research academics, students also develop deepened knowledge into current research and methodological development in selected area(s) in a research environment.

Navigating One's Medical Care System

Mcgill University

1. Understand one's political environment and to take that into account in making plans, bargaining for resources or dealing with critiques.

Operations Research

Eduardo Mondlane University, Faculty of Medicine

1. Understand what OR is, and how it is similar to and different from other types of research. 2. Understand how OR can be used to help guide health system management decisions. 3. Understand the relationship between OR, quality improvement, monitoring and evaluation, and program evaluation. 4. Understand the basic steps of implementing an OR project. 5. Understand how program problems are identified. 6. Understand types of program problems that are, and are not, appropriate for. 7. Under...

PhD in Infectious Diseases

Tropical Medicine Institute "Pedro Kouri"

1. Improve the knowledge on Public Health and the decision making process.

Planning for Health

Karolinska Institute

After completion of the course, students should have Knowledge and understanding - to describe the context, content, process and actors in promoting health for various populations; - to describe major theories and frameworks for planning in health care. Skills and abilities - to analyse different approaches to planning for heatlh; - to independently identify and formulate essential and challenging issues in planning for health. Judgement and approach - to critically make assessments of di...

Policy Analysis Using Interrupted Time Series

At the conclusion of the course, students will have all the tools necessary to propose, conduct and correctly interpret an analysis using ITS and RD approaches. They will also develop a real-life research proposal that could form the basis of future research. This will help them position themselves as a go-to person within their company, government department, or academic department as the technical expert on this topic.

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health Care Financing & Health Policy (PGDHEP)

Public Health Foundation of India/Health Governance Hub

1. Understand key issues in health economics Understand key issues in health financing. 2. Understand key issues in health policy and health systems for informed decision-making & implementation.

Pragmatic Trials

Karolinska Institute

1. Prepare a short research protocol describing a randomized trial of a drug, technology or health services intervention.

Public Health Management

Institute of Public Health Bangalore

1. Outline various health reforms and disease control programmes in India. 2. Examine the structure and functioning of country level and local (District and Taluka level) health systems and assess their performance. 3. Explain the principles of community participation and identify strategies to improve community participation in health programmes. 4. Compare/contrast various health financing models and use tools to assess degree of coverage of health services in a given community.<...






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