Health Policy and Systems Research Courses and Trainings

Master in Public Health

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The Master in Public Health aims at providing scientific knowledge and skills for advanced study and research in the field of Public Health, as well as for the development of practical applications in the areas of expertise of Health Policy; Global Health and Health Promotion and Literacy. Students should therefore develop their ability to solve problems in these areas and in multidisciplinary settings, to integrate knowledge and develop solutions in a context dominated by intense social...

Master of Epidemiolgy

Tropical Medicine Institute

1. Apply their knowledge on health services research problems.

Master of Public Health

People's Open Access Education Initiative (People's Uni)

Unique to each course within the program.

Master of Science in International Public Health

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

The curriculum has been designed to take account of current national and international priorities and policies in the field of International Public Health. All pathways aim to: Provide an understanding of a range of health policies and strategies in a variety of social, epidemiological, cultural, economic and political settings in middle- and low- income countries; Enable students to comprehend and conduct public health-related research; Produce graduates who are experienced, committed, i...

Master of Science, Global Health Concentration

Trinity College Dublin

1. Applying research and evidence to health system strengthening

Master of Science: Health Systems

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

1. Understand the importance of health systems and health systems research in achieving public health goals and in epidemiology 2. Have acquainted the performance framework of health systems and main conceptual elements of this framework 3. Be able to critically review and apply the performance framework for current health policy issues in low- and high-income countries, such as universal coverage.

Masters in Health Policy and Systems Research

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

Ability to integrate systems thinking, learning and research in the politics of health systems and policy implementation.

Masters in Health Services Management and Planning

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

Ability to apply key principles and theory to analyze organizational performance, decision making and planning in the health environment to strengthen health services provision, management and performance

Medicines in Health Systems Working Toward Universal Health Coverage

Harvard University

The goal of the Medicines in Health Systems course is to strengthen the capacity of practitioners working toward universal health coverage in low- and middle-income country health systems to design, implement, and monitor evidence-informed pharmaceutical policy and management strategies. Specifically, after completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the different roles medicines play in health systems, and the roles and responsibilities of different system actors with respect to medicines in systems.
  • Illustrate the competing objectives that system stakeh...






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