Health Policy and Systems Research Courses and Trainings

Health Economics and Healthcare Financing

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care

1. describe and apply essential economic theories and methods relevant to the study of health care system and the improvement of public health 2. understand how healthcare can be financed and resources can be allocated to achieve efficiency and equity 3. conduct basic economic evaluation in practice.

Health Management

Dokuz Eylul University

1. Leadership skills 2. Health management skills 3. Organizational skills

Health Policy and Management

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care

1. Acquire an understanding of the basic principles of healthcare system, policy, financing, and health economics. 2. Become familiar with the basic management theories and concepts that underlie the operations of healthcare organizations. 3. Structure and process outcomes of health services. 4. Apply systems thinking to resolve organizational issues.

Health Policy and Policy Analysis

University of the Western Cape

1. Demonstrate understanding of the varied and iterative nature of policy change processes. 2. Recognise that implementation is part of the overall policy change process. 3. Identify key components and factors facilitating and constraining policy and implementation processes. 4. Conduct comprehensive analyses of policy and implementation processes. 5. Apply theoretical frameworks and approaches in understanding policy and implementation processes and use specific policy analysis tools; 6....

Health Policy and Systems Research

University of Aberdeen

The main objectives of the course are to ensure that each course participant acquires a knowledge and understanding of:


Health systems around the world:

UK health systems, regional differences and international com...

Health Policy Development

University of Washington

1. Identify and discuss the historical, social, cultural, economic, and political context of a public policy issue 2. Identify and apply the tools of public policy and analyze options for using them to address specific public policy issues 3. Identify and analyze stakeholders, their interests, and their potential to influence policy changes in relationship to specific policy issues. 4. Analyze and discuss the important roles of science and values in choosing a course of public policy acti...

Health Policy Research and Analysis

University of Ghana

1. Have a basic understanding and be able to describe what the field of Health and Systems Research comprises and the place of Health Policy Reseach and Analysis within the field; and be able to effectively communicate this understanding to others not familiar with this area of work. 2. Appreciate the multi-disciplinary but essentially Social Science nature of Health Policy Research and Analysis 3. Be familiar with and able to critically assess the use of research designs appropriate in H...

Health Services Management

Universidad Austral de Chile

1. Be able to understand the complex environment where health systems are inmerse. 2. Students can analize common challenges for health systems despite economic development in countries where they are implemented. 3. Students understand the political and policy process behind health policies. Therefore, why health policies not necessarily seek the best for population health is the main question I like students discuss. 4. Students understand the historical background and current organizat...

Health Services Management

Peking University

1. Apply a health system approach to problem solving.

Health System Research

School of Medical Sciences,National University.La Plata,Argentina. Center INUS

Learning Objectives of the Course:






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