Advanced Master in Public Health Methodology

Category: Methods for HPSR,Global Health,Implementation Research,
Institution:Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Country: Belgium
Region: Europe
Language: French
Audience: Educators,Health Organization Managers ,Masters Students,NGO Staff,


Overall goals of the course

The objective of this Advanced Master in Public Health Methodology is to provide a large degree of autonomy in the use of public health methods. The programme is addressed to public health professionals, health managers, who work at different levels of the health system, with a view to providing them with a specific skills needed for health system management and development of analytical and specialized approaches to strengthen their action strategies (operational research, health planning, health services research, health strategies and management).

This 60 ECTS programme, which covers different methodological aspects, is composed of a compulsory part (50 ECTS) and an optional part (30 ECTS are proposed and the student must choose at least 10 - with a maximum of 25)The compulsory part of the program counts for 50 ECTS:- Biostatistics and epidemiology- Qualitative methods and contextual factors in public health- Health economics and quality management- Planning and health system research and management- Operational research and south lectures- Master Thesis The several optional teaching units are related to :- Health information system, interview and questionnaire surveys- Advanced methods in biostatistics and epidemiology- The WHO strategy for incorporation of traditional medicine in healthcare- Special research questions in public health- Special research question in emergency situations- Interdisciplinary seminars in translational medicine

Learning objectives

The targeted skills aim at the achievement of an overall objective which is to: "ensure methodological approaches and public health decision-makings, consistent with the needs of people, communities and individuals." This Advanced Master thus highlights the methodologies of analysis and investigation of major health issues in developing countries and in a global health approach. It also intends to give to the students a sufficient basis for a systemic understanding of health issues as well as contextual and environmental factors that determine the answers to them. By the variety of teaching methods and by the commitment of teachers and students, this Advanced Master will enable health professionals to specialize in the aspects of the fight against disease and for a better health (epidemiology and biostatistics), organization and policy, systems and health services management (health economics aspects, management, health planning and operational research) as well as the development of social approaches to health and transversal skills such as research methodology, scientific writing and capitalization of public health actions.

Major topics covered

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The advanced master in public health methodology (MPHM) is an inter-university program organized by :

- Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Ecole de Santé Publique (coordinator)

- Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Faculté de Santé Publique

- Université de Mons (UMONS), Faculté Warocqué d'Economie et de Gestion , Faculté de médecine et pharmacie


Teaching formats

The objective of this one year programme is to provide a large degree of autonomy in the use of public health methods and the transmission of this knowledge in professional life. Both basic and advanced methods in statistics, epidemiology and qualitative methods are developed through lectures and practice. Integration with other methods is illustrated in various fields: operational and health services research, health planning, health strategies and health economics.The number of students allows a active pedagogy, with a lot of peer exchanges and group work.

Course materials:

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