Advanced Health Policy

Category: Methods for HPSR,
Institution:University of Ghana
Country: Ghana
Region: Africa
Language: English
Audience: Masters Students,


Learning objectives

1. Describe the Walt and Gilson framework of context, actors, process and content as an overarching approach to analyzing and understanding policy 2. Use the Walt and Gilson policy analysis triangle /framework to provide an understanding of issues in health policy development and analysis in LMIC from a political economy perspective. 3. Describe other common policy analysis theories and frameworks; and concepts of power and the role of power in the policy process 4. Understand, Design, Conduct, Interpret and apply stakeholder analysis as an analytical tool to support the management of policy processes 5. Describe principles of policy advocacy and management 6. Apply the theoretical knowledge to summarize, assess and constructively critique policy and pass and defend a judgment of the success or failure of real policy processes 7. Apply the theoretical knowledge to constructively critique a policy analysis peer reviewed publication 8. Design a simply policy advocacy and change management plan for a policy issue

Major topics covered

This two-credit course (28 hours of classroom teaching material plus related reading and exercises) introduces concepts and issues in health policy development and analysis for public health practitioners and policy makers. It examines the interaction of context, actors, processes and content in public policy development related to health in developing countries. It also emphasizes how to use this understanding to improve the process of public policy and program development for health so that policies and programs developed can lead to the desired health system goals. Concepts and issues in influencing and managing policy change are introduced. The course is intended for post graduates (MPH, MPhil) who are interested in understanding and effectively engaging in public social policy development at all levels (local and central) in the health sector in Ghana and other low and middle income countries (LMIC). The course will be useful to those with interests in health development, responding to priority public health problems, developing policies and programs for health and enhancing the policy process. This course will be valuable for residents with careers or planning to enter careers in public service. It will also be useful to residents who work with NGO or other organizations but whose work involves aspects of public policy advocacy, design and implementation at all levels of the health system. It is also a useful introduction for those who want are interested in a more academic career in the area of health policy and policy analysis.

Teaching formats

Classroom lectures, case studies, problem sets, group projects, independent reading, simulations


Course materials:

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