Health Policy and Systems Research Courses and Trainings

Advanced Course in Health Systems and Policy

Karolinska Institute

Upon completion of the course, students should Knowledge and understanding - to reflect on the major theories and frameworks for health policy and systems analysis; - of how national health policy agenda is created and influenced by international organisations and other global factors; - of how the policy is implemented and how knowledge generated can be effectively communicated to policy-makers. Skills and abilities - to plan interventions and reforms in health systems as well as evaluat...

Advanced Health Policy

University of Ghana

1. Describe the Walt and Gilson framework of context, actors, process and content as an overarching approach to analyzing and understanding policy 2. Use the Walt and Gilson policy analysis triangle /framework to provide an understanding of issues in health policy development and analysis in LMIC from a political economy perspective. 3. Describe other common policy analysis theories and frameworks; and concepts of power and the role of power in the policy process 4. Understand, Design, Co...

Advanced master in public health methodology

Training contentThis 60 ECTS programme, which covers different methodological aspects, is composed of a compulsory part (50 ECTS) and an optional part (30 ECTS are proposed and the student must choose at least 10 - with a maximum of 25)The compulsory part of the program counts for 50 ECTS:- Biostatistics and epidemiology- Qualitative methods and contextual factors in public health- Health economics and quality management- Planning and health system research and management- Operational research and south lectures- Master Thesis The several optional teaching units are related to :- Healt...

Advanced Research Methods in Global Health

Tulane University

1. Develop competence in quantitative research skills needed for dissertation and beyond.

Community Health and Population Management

Azim Premji University

1. To equip the students with understanding of health systems, health policies of the country and the world. 2. To prepare students to work in the field of community health.

Community Oriented Primary Care

Dokuz Eylul University

1. Conduct a situation Analysis 2. Develop a detailed project designed to improve a current health care/development problem 3. Transform his/her knowledge of management practices and leadership skills 4. Plan, conduct and evaluate health programs.

Control de Gestion Hospitalaria

diplomados .com

Conocer y comprender un conjunto minimo de indicadores de gestion con los cuales apoyar el proceso de toma de decisiones en los establecimientos hospitalarios

Doctorado en Ciencias de la Salud

Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios en Salud Publica UNAN Managua

Improve the knowledge nad abilities on Public Health and health research for decision making proccess

Global Health

University of Aberdeen

The overall aim is to encourage students to consider health issues in multidimensional, global terms. At the end of the course, students should be able to:

• Describe what global health is and how it is defined.

• Describe and critically reflect on the historical context of global health and development.

• Describe and critically reflect on the Millennium Development Goals.

• Describe and critically reflect on the post-2015 landscape as it is relevant to global health.

• Understand established and emerging global health priorities and p...






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